Desktop Wallpaper Changer

Don’t have Windows 7, but want your wallpaper to rotate between your favorite pictures?  Then you need to download theDesktop Wallpaper Changer!


Rotates wallpaper between pictures in a folder at specified intervals.  Works for Windows XP, Vista, & 7.  Of course that’s built into Windows 7, so you don’t need it for windows 7.  Works on 32 and 64 bit Windows systems.


* Pick a directory/folder with pictures that you like for wall paper.

* Select how often you want them to change.

* When minimized to tray, clicking on the icon does the following:
LEFT Click: Change Picture
RIGHT Click: Change Picture
MIDDLE Click: Open Dialogue


Install a shortuct to your startup menu and it will startup every time.


Beta Version 0.01 (3/01/2010) (Windows 32-bit) (works on 64-bit systems)

Requires .NET download from Microsoft found here (install first):

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